Nutrimost - Day 7 - This was a night when my band played live.

My NutriMost Experience

Day 7 was great! My son and I played a lot and we had a nice little Saturday. I went into the office for a second BCA Reading. The doctor said the stats were good. I was losing fat and gaining water. The stats are below.

I play music downtown on Saturdays in the summer and Fridays and Saturdays during the Penn State School Year. It is a ton of fun and gives us some extra money coming in. I am a little nervous about a couple of things, though.

  1. I can't drink any beer, and it will be all around me.
  2. I need a significant amount of energy to get through the gig.

I sing and play bass so essentially I am holding a 25 pound piece of wood around my neck while projecting my voice for about 3 1/2 hours. I normally am really sweaty by the end of it, and feel exhausted. So I am going to increase my calories just for today and hope that it doesn't mess up my plan. My doctor doesn't think it is going to be a big deal as long as I keep it under 600 calories a day for the rest of the week. 

I will let you know tomorrow, how the night went and if eating extra hurt me or not at weigh-in. 

Day 7 Stats

Goal Weight: 175

Today's Weight: 199.8

Weight Loss Formula 3 x's daily:




Daily drink w/Embedded Resonant Frequencies (Detox & Hormone):

Today's Meals


Coffee and a tea = 4 Calories


Shrimp, Romaine, Tomato = 260 Calories


Steak and onions = 300 Calories


Cod, and romaine, and three tomatoes = 340

I read my affirmations in the mirror and continued to drink 84oz. of water.