Nutrimost - Day 59 - 63

I took some time off from this blog due to some overtime work I have been doing for my job. We are launching some new web sites that have been taking up a lot of my time. So I am just going to recap my last couple of days. 

I have stayed within my weight set point every day since my last steak day. I actually lost some weight and had to make sure I wasn't going to go under my weight. I am extremely excited to be near the end of the program and reap the benefits of all my efforts. What I have accomplished is something that I never would have imagined. 

I played a gig the other night and a bouncer almost didn't let me in the back door. He was like where you goin buddy, and I was like yo it's me. :) Needless to say he freaked out a little and didn't have enough to say about it. He didn't recognize me. That is a prime example of how well this program works. 

I will chime in tomorrow as it is my last day of the reset/restore phase. I will give my ending weight and my plan for keeping up with my healthy life.