Nutrimost - Day 54 - Nutrimost: You Can't Cheat Life

Calorie Target = 2600

Your Weight Set Point = 179.0

Day 54 Weight = 180.8

I am getting a little sick of posts like these: Nutrimost: You Can't Cheat Life. Here's why... 

I think that if you have an opinion about something that is fine. I would like to hear more opinions about NutriMost in fact, however, this is an attack piece designed to promote crossfit. I wish people would just promote their stuff without attacking other programs. 

I feel good, I look good does that Mean I have cheated life? Are there rules in life that say anything about how fast you are supposed to accomplish something like this? I don't see any handbook showing up on the front page a of google saying that I should only do crossfit or whatever either. 

I also hate that the blogger reduced the program to a list of bullet points that said blogger clearly doesn't understand and then tries to debunk them as psuedoscience. It doesn't matter that you couldn't find imperical evidence on your epic page 1 google search what matters is that the process this system uses has been proven. In fact other systems utilize the same phase oriented program with different criteria and they also work... your will power is what will ultimately be in question here. Not which program out there is superior or that no patents exist. In the software world we call this open source. I feel that the frequency resonant technology opens up a whole new world that hasn't been discovered yet. For instance, what if there ARE scientists currently working on formulas that will heal the cells of the body WITHOUT drugs. The question the blogger poses is why if this exists haven't doctors tried to make a drug out of it and sell it to market. The answer is that it isn't and won't work as a drug. It is energy that is measured and responded to. Check out MIT's faq page on the matter if you think that this isn't scientific enough...

Anywayssssss... Day 54 Food Totals

  • Eggs - Scrambled (whole egg), 2 large 203 - Calories
  • Raw - Bell Peppers, 1 Medium 25 - Calories
  • Onions - Raw, 0.5 large 32 - Calories
  • Vegetable - Tomato (Large), 91 g 16 - Calories
  • Apples - Raw, with skin, 1 large (3-1/4" dia) (approx 2 per lb) 110 - Calories
  • Protein - Tuna, 7 oz 214 - Calories
  • Cabbage - Raw, 2 cup, chopped 43 - Calories
  • Raw - Bell Peppers, 1 Medium 25 - Calories
  • Zuccini - Cooked Zuccini, 1 cup cooked 30 - Calories
  • Del Monte - Yellow Wax Beans, 1 cup 40 - Calories
  • Beans - Snap, green, raw, 1 cup 34 - Calories
  • Vegetable - Tomato (Large), 182 g 32 - Calories
  • Chicken - Breast, meat only, cooked, roasted, 200 g 330 - Calories
  • Pepper - Serrano, raw, 1 cup, chopped 34 - Calories
  • Longhorn - Broccoli, 3 cup 162 - Calories
  • Trader Joe's - Coconut Oil, 5 tbsp/ 1/2 oz 600 - Calories
  • Canned Chicken Breast In Water - Organic Valley Fresh, 1 container (5 oz ea.) 113 - Calories
  • Blueberries - Raw, 1 cup 83 - Calories
  • Total Calories 2,126