Nutrimost - Day 49 - 52 Catch Up

Calorie Target = 2600

Your Weight Set Point = 178.6

Today's (Day 52) Weight = 183.6

Vacation Got the Best of Me

Well we are heading back home today and I kind of drank more than I should have on this trip. But, in my defense, it was my birthday and I drank way less than I would have normally. So I will tighten it up this week, and I am doing a steak day to get me back on track. 

Vacation Wrap Up

Upon arrival I headed to the grocery store and picked up a bunch of necessities. Mostly canned foods, frozen vegetables, and some meat. We took our coconut oil with us as well as our pink salt. Actually I was spooning coconut oil into my mouth several times to get my calories. We also took our salt to the couple of restaurants that we went to. One thing I noticed about eating out it that it is hard to not order a "drink." The takeaway from the trip was that even though I never went over my calories, I did go over my weight by the end of it. The difference being that, more than once, my calories were alcohol. :( 

Starting tomorrow, I am back to work and back on track. I think that this will be easier to pull of and stay vigilant while I am doing my normal routine. I am also not going to drink any alcohol for the rest of the RESET PHASE. I will try adding one type of alcohol in at a time to see if and which one has the worst effect on my system.