Nutrimost - Day 46 - Gotta Do a Steak Day

Calorie Target = 2600

Your Weight Set Point = 178.6

Todays Weight = 181.4

Well I am over by more than .1 ounce. :) I wonder what it was that set me over... I think it might have been the alcohol. Not sure but since I am over I am doing a steak day. Well I wouldn't be too disappointed if vodka was my trigger becuase I don't relaly like vodka anyways, and it doesn't really get me that drunk. I will most likely be trying some beer in the next couple of days, since my birthday is coming up and I am not uber huge on deprivation.

Here is what I ate on Day 46 of the Nutrimost Program - Phase 4 (with calories)

Total Calories: 907

  • Beef - Tenderloin Steak, 16 oz (85g) - 875 Calories
  • Tomato - 32 Calories

Hopefully tomorrow I am back down to within 2 pounds of my set point.