Nutrimost - Day 38 - Weight Loss Drops Almost Gone

My NutriMost Experience

I am thinking that today is going to have to be my day 40. I am pretty sure that I will be out of drops by tomorrow. That makes sense cause there was a time or two, where I took more than .5 ml from the dropper. I am cool with that though, cause honestly I am ready to get back to normal. I have lost so much weight, and feel amazing, that I don't think I need to continue the VLCD for too much longer. Bring on PHASE 3 and let's get restored. 

Day 38 Stats

Goal Weight: 175

Today's Weight: 183.2

Weight Loss Formula 3 x's daily:


extra .25 ml


extra .25 ml


Daily drink w/Embedded Resonant Frequencies (Detox & Hormone):

Today's Meals


Coffee,  water= 4 Calories


Beef, asparagus, orange = 250 calories.


Bison, spinach, apple = 300 calories.

I read my affirmations in the mirror and upped my water to drink 72 oz. of water.