Nutrimost - Day 29 - Egg Day

My NutriMost Experience

I gained a little bit since yesterday, but only like .4 pounds so it's probably no big deal. From what I have learned so far, when you go up it just seems so strange cause you are used to going down so drastically. So I am not gonna worry about it and just keep going with the plan => full force. 

So I wanted to talk about eggs. Technically you can have 1 whole egg and 3 egg whites once a week. I did that today for the first time and let me say I am stuffed. It is a lot more protein than I expected it to be. I will probably take advantage of that on Sundays. Yeah, I declare Sunday Egg Day! 

About my supplements, I doubled my energy drops yesterday cause I had a gig. I also upped my B vitamins. I was taking a B-50 complex, today I took a B-100 complex. I definitely can tell the difference. I have a lot more energy than normal.  Also I am not hungry like at all. I couldn't even eat all of my lunch today. I finished the eggs but left some tomatoes behind. 

Day 29 Stats

Goal Weight: 175

Today's Weight: 186.2

Weight Loss Formula 3 x's daily:




Daily drink w/Embedded Resonant Frequencies (Detox & Hormone):

Today's Meals


Coffee = 4 Calories


Eggs, tomatos, and an orange =  250 Calories


venison, asparagus, and orange  = 250 Calories

I read my affirmations in the mirror and upped my water to drink 72 oz. of water.