Nutrimost - Day 13 - Fourth of July

My NutriMost Experience

We went to a family party today, and I had to turn down some of the best Moon Shine I have ever smelled. WHA? Ouch. Also there was like a plethra of good food and dips and stuff that smelled really awesome. I really can't wait til I can eat a little less selectively. It's all good though, I am on a path to my goal weight. I won't let anything get in the way of that. 

So I was really beat at the end of the day. My son actually stayed awake for the fireworks. I was so impressed, cause I was barely able to. I think I passed out within like 10 minutes of watching T.V. 

My weigh-in was also the lowest weight I have been in like 5 years. Amazing!

Day 13 Stats

Goal Weight: 175

Today's Weight: 194.4

Weight Loss Formula 3 x's daily:




Daily drink w/Embedded Resonant Frequencies (Detox & Hormone):

Today's Meals


Coffee and a tea = 4 Calories


Chicken, lettuce and an apple = 300 Calories


Scallops, spring mix and an orange = 250 Calories

I read my affirmations in the mirror and continued to drink 84oz. of water.