Nutrimost - Day 11 - My Coffee Intake is troublesome

My NutriMost Experience

I am probably drinking too much liquid. Mainly, I am probably drinking too much coffee. I am filling the food void with iced coffee and stevia. The only problem is that I think it is dehydrating me and making me go to the bathroom more. I am going to cut back tomorrow. It is hard to get used to the fact that I am drinking too much water. I keep wanting to chug water like I normally do, but my doctor says to resist. I need to keep in all essential minerals in order to stay in fat burning mode. 

I have an appointment on Saturday to do another BCA.  I am curious to see what my water % is and figure out how much water I should be drinking at this point. I am still using my salt GENEROUSLY. So I think I am in good shape.

Day 11 Stats

Goal Weight: 175

Today's Weight: 196.4

Weight Loss Formula 3 x's daily:




Daily drink w/Embedded Resonant Frequencies (Detox & Hormone):

Today's Meals


Coffee and a tea = 4 Calories


Chicken, cucumber, and grapefruit = 400 Calories


Shrimp, spinach, and an apple = 300 Calories

I read my affirmations in the mirror and continued to drink 84oz. of water.